Built with Purpose

Designed with tenants in mind, Perch Harlem was created to
provide a better living experience. Come visit us in NYC’s iconic
Hamilton Heights neighborhood to discover why our apartments
offer a new way of living.


Welcome to Perch Harlem

perch harlem

Restaurant bell vintage with bokehRestaurant bell with bokehRestaurant bell vintage with bokeh

Our goal was to not only enhance the living experience of all residents, but also leave less of an impact on the world around us. Using passive house techniques, we reduce the costs of utilities and living through their building techniques and modern perks.


Passive House goes beyond the type of materials used during development. Its role begins during the design process, addressing the energy usage and building airtightness. This methodology aims to reduce the heating and cooling loads as much as possible using passive approaches like orientation, heat recovery, insulation, massing, and the elimination of thermal bridges. Because Passive House methodology requires the building to be airtight, fresh, filtered air is constantly supplied in a low volume to balance ventilation, removing stale air. Besides resulting in low-energy usage, this voluntary standard greatly reduces any the structures ecological footprint.